Of women and sarees. Tiruchendur

When composing an image, I have a tendency to prefer one without any perspective in it. I like the flat colours.
In Tiruchendur, on the southern coast of Tamil Nadu, I met a few women who came to the temple to pray to
Murugan. After the ritual bath, on the beach, in front of the majestic and beautiful temple they needed to dry up
their colourful saris. I couldn't resist but to portray them the way I like.Tiruchendur, in the far south of Tamil Nadu,
is renowned among Murugan devotees everywhere as one of the greatest centres of the Lord Aru Padai Veedugal’s,
literally 'Six Battle Camps'. Indeed, it is here that Murugan and his deva-sena, or army of celestials, confront and
vanquish the titan Surapadma and his demonic horde. This struggle is annually re-created at Tiruchendur on the
sixth day of Skanda Sashti, the 'Six (days) of Skanda'.

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